Activities that will make you more successful


There are moments when it is difficult for us to decide to take a step. Let’s say you have an audacious dream of starting your own business or writing a book. But you are afraid to take the first step towards its realization because of the fear of things that are not in your comfort zone. For each they are different: for example, the fear of telephone conversations or public speaking. In such moments of weakness, we prefer to postpone uncomfortable responsibilities for later. However, if you manage to overcome yourself and stop procrastinating, each time these things will seem easier to you. Here are activities that will allow you to believe in yourself again and succeed.

Wake up early

Wake up early

We all know that human activity peaks in the early morning hours. Successful people write in books that they get up at 5 o’clock in the morning and feel fresh and energetic. They say that during those few hours before work, they manage to go in for sports, have breakfast, read a book and make a plan for the day. But what if the bed is so warm and comfortable, and in the morning you want to sleep longer? Experiment with setting your alarm every day for a week a few minutes before you have to get up. At first, it will be hard for you and you will reset the alarm clock again and again, but you will soon realize that you are moving mountains in these extra minutes without sleep. You can also start by playing on the Woo Casino NZ website and after some time you will feel more energized and lively.

Public speaking

We tend to think that people who like to toast or give speeches are born speakers. Or they get paid a lot of money for it. But that’s far from the case. If you want your initiative to be heard too, and not to sink into oblivion, tell it to people. Do you need to make a presentation at a conference? Start by speaking at home in front of a mirror or in front of loved ones—family and friends—and listen to their comments. Do you want your business idea to be brought to life? Tell your boss about it and discuss how you would like to present it to the board of directors. You can also start a vlog and share your thoughts and ideas online. You will see, that you will quickly find your audience.

Do sport

Do sport

Many stop exercising or avoid exercising because their previous experience was not successful. For example, they practised twice every two weeks for 30 minutes and quit when they realized that there was no result. A study published by Harvard University states that regular exercise improves a person’s memory and cognitive abilities. 

Admit mistakes

Sometimes it seems to us that we do not make mistakes and do everything right, therefore we perceive negatively criticism addressed to us. However, sometimes it is worth admitting that a failure, for example, at work, really happened through our fault, and not the whole team, and admit our mistake. This is a trait of leaders who, when their team is confused, take all the responsibility. 

Forget about the phone

If even Steve Jobs himself limited the time his children spent with phones and computers, then we should think about it. Of course, smartphones are a very convenient thing that allows you to stay connected and in the know 24 hours a day. But success at work, made possible by new technology, doesn’t always equate to success at home, Swain points out. Learn to disconnect from your phone and laptop when you are relaxing with family and friends.

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