4 Top Books About Acting During Crisis

4 Top Books

When you face a crisis it is necessary to know how to act. Not everyone is aware of that. There are many books written on the following topic, but we will tell you about the 4 most popular ones.

Basic Economics

It is the classic manual, which has been published all over the world for twenty years and is considered the No. 1 book on economics. In it, the famous economist Thomas Sowell explains the basic principles of economics in different countries and eras. What is the difference between market and non-market pricing, what is state regulation, and what are the basic principles of competition, investment, and international trade. The book in an accessible form answers all these questions helps to get rid of common misconceptions and make more informed and rational decisions in everyday life.

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Accelerate: Building Strategic Agility for a Faster-Moving World


John Kotter is a recognized authority on leadership and change and a professor at Harvard. For 50 years, he and his colleagues have studied what helps companies succeed in change. This book is an attempt to answer the question of how to act quickly and effectively in an era of change, how to make decisions and make plans when the future is foggy and uncertain, and how leaders can competently respond to challenges and threats. Kotter draws on insights from neuroscience and knowledge of human nature, provides stories of companies that have overcome crises in 90 days, and provides practical advice that helps to act here and now.

The Art of Impossible

Each of us has extraordinary abilities. And they appear most often when we reach the state of flow. At this point, our mental abilities can improve by 500%. These are the findings of Steven Kotler, a journalist, flow state researcher, and founder of the Flow Genome Center. His book is a practical guide on how to get what you dreamed of. Based on the laws of neuroscience and analysis of the approaches of the most daring entrepreneurs, such as Elon Musk, Larry Page, and Jeff Bezos. The book tells you how to accumulate resources for transformational goals, provides a list of practices for peak performance, and inspires you to take your goals to impossible heights.

Economics: The User’s Guide

Economics: The User's Guide

Economics is one of those areas that seems much more confusing to non-specialists than it really is. Largely because, unlike chemistry or physics, there are no clear formulas and the only correct answers. The author of this book, World Bank consultant and renowned economist Ha-Joon Chang, examines a variety of economic theories, from classical to Keynesian. And he suggests not looking for a single correct approach but using a set of tools that will help you better understand how everything is connected. It is a fun guide for anyone who wants to understand how the economy works.

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