How to Avoid Bookmaker Penalties for Players

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The most typical penalties imposed by bookies on players include account freezing, temporary account blocking, account cutting, and account closure. The grounds for imposing such penalties might be varied, and in some cases, unwarranted and unfair. There is nothing that can be done; according to bookmaker laws, they are perfectly legal methods, and by registering and making a bet, the player automatically agrees to the rules.

Account Lock and Temporary Account Freeze


Bookmakers rationalize actions like account freezing and account blockage by arguing with forks, although there is no regulation that says you can’t wager on the same match in various offices. But, once again, look at the regulations, where it is written in black and white that the bookmaker has the right to refuse to explain his acts.

The duration of temporary blockage might range from one month to six months. The gamer will be unable to use the account until the processes are completed. Unfortunately, account freezing seldom works out in the player’s favor, thus it’s best if the deposit amount is restored after the trial, otherwise it may not. After then, as you know, bets in this BC are unlikely to be taken from you.

However, how can bookmakers identify a fork man? Everything turns out to be rather straightforward. The bookmaker is familiar with the same services utilized by forks. In certain circumstances, the BC may be aware that an arbitration scenario similar to this has arisen in their own line, and the player has simply taken advantage of it.

Account Reduction


This action is taken as a result of suspicions of multi-accounting, the employment of site bugs, and, of course, betting after a goal. The bookmaker’s security team may also pay attention to the player’s frequent changes of devices and IP addresses. This is sometimes used as a justification for imposing punishments.

How to Stay Away From Bookmaker Sanctions

The primary point, as any skilled betterer will tell you, is that you should never store the whole bank in one BC. In general, if you bet, you should have accounts with at least five different bookies, ideally more. Because the BC may just pay attention to how frequently you win, large sums of bets may also be separated and deposited in multiple offices. It is not recommended to deposit a considerable sum of money at one bookmaker’s office for a month. Bugs and system faults, for example, are not worth betting on. 

To avoid arousing suspicion in the BC, bet little sums. To maintain the impression of a typical betting enthusiast, you should travel fast trains, enter modest sums in sweepstakes, and ideally place a few bets on various sports. Any company is built on reputation, but there can be no question of bookmakers’ a priori commitment to athletes since the BC has only one goal: to earn a profit. As a result, the player may face limits at any moment, and it is best not to disregard the advice.

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